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Roman-colosseum-roof, learn about the incredible velarium of rome’s colosseum, a retractable awning that was one of the miracles of ancient roman engineering.. Did the roman colosseum have a roof - trivia question /questions answer / answers, save 84% off the newsstand price! the floor of the colosseum, where you might expect to see a smooth ellipse of sand, is instead a bewildering array of masonry walls shaped in concentric rings .... It wasn't a "roof" per se, but it was more a canvas that provided shade and blocked the rain. it was operated on a pulley system, where there were people standing on the exterior and pull cords ..., the colosseum never had a roof. it did have an awning that was stretched over the arena to give shade to the spectators. the colosseum never had a roof..

The colosseum or flavian amphitheatre is a large ellipsoid arena built in the first century ce under the roman emperors of the flavian dynasty: vespasian (69-79 ce), titus (79-81 ce) and domitian (81-96..., so who built the colosseum, when did they build it, and why? the original name of the ancient roman colosseum was in fact amphitheatrum flavium, often referred to in english literature as the flavian amphitheater, the present day italians refer to it as il colosseo.the name flavium is the family/dynasty name of the roman emperors who built the colosseum..

V e l a r i u m. the awning. many have tried to understand how the velarium was mounted and how could be operated. here i want to collect some of the most interesting hypothesis that can be found on the web., i m m a g i n i . one possible reconstruction of the velarium(from maschke). the masts of the velarium can be seen in this model . the supports are visible in this ....

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